Stroking pigs: what a stupid pig?

Piggy: petting pigs near the big city

You can learn a lot about pigs and there is also a lot to say.

Anyone who wants to enjoy themselves and see a pig up close – up close, not behind the fence or a glass wall – should definitely take a trip to us in the Edermühle in the Waldviertel.

The most widely traveled city dwellers in the Edermühle were Swiss and Dutch, so it is almost a stone’s throw to the Waldviertel for the adventurous from Linz or Vienna.

Pigs are a popular species worldwide. Fortunately not only on the plate.

With us in the Edermühle in Bad Großpertholz you have the unique opportunity to cuddle, stroke or just watch a pig. Our Kune Kune Rotte consists of two sows, one castrato and the piglet offspring. Our boar Antonio is currently on vacation at the Großrust estate – greetings to Antonio at this point.

It is an incredibly fascinating and moving experience at any time of the year and in almost any weather.

Stroking pigs makes you happy

What should you watch out for when petting pigs?

In any case, good footwear is recommended. And for everyone who really wants to reach out and cuddle and stroke our gentle and good-natured Kune Kune pigs, clothing is needed that can get dirty. And of course everyone is happy about punctuality.

We look forward to making an appointment!