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Who is an animal experience suitable for?

For everyone who is empathetic, has a feeling for their surroundings and likes animals. From 16 years.

How many people take part?

We offer a maximum of three exclusive animal experiences per day with a maximum of six participants and that only for people who belong together.

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What should I wear?

Closed shoes must be worn for all animal experiences, i.e. no sandals or flip-flops. Depending on the weather, sunscreen, rainwear, snowsuit. Warning: for sure your clothes will get dirty. The experience takes place in all weather conditions, except when there is a storm warning or thunderstorm. In winter, sun lovers should note that the willows are in the shade in the afternoon, so an appointment in the morning is advisable.

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Can I bring my old food and feed it?

No. We offer special animal feed. The feed sack is available for € 2.

Can i bring my dog?

No, because he definitely doesn’t like waiting in the car.

Can I go to the toilet on site?

No, unfortunately we cannot offer public toilets.

How about the punctuality?

Punctuality pays off

Your delay will be deducted from the animal experience. If you come to petting pigs half an hour late, the time is up and the next group will be served. We will move you to the next possible date for that day. If nothing is left free, there is no money back. So, punctuality pays off.

Protective measures against the coronavirus

Please note our hygiene measures for the purpose of Corona to protect our animals under the respective experience.

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From what age can I check in?

From 16 years.

The decision to go to an adult hotel was not an easy one and it was a long process.

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When can i arrive?

At any time; guaranteed from 3 p.m.

We guarantee you check-in from 3 p.m. If you arrive before that and your room is not ready, you are welcome to store your luggage with us and explore the gardens of the Edermühle.

When do I have to check out?

Until 11 a.m.

On the day of departure, you must vacate the room by 11 a.m. if there is a subsequent booking. If there is no connection booking, you can use your room until 1 p.m. after consulting us.

Until when can I cancel free of charge?

Cancellation free of charge is possible up to 30 days before arrival.

In the event of later cancellation, we will charge the entire price of the stay, provided that the booked and canceled period cannot be re-let.

Covid-19 regulation: In the event of renewed official measures, such as border closures, lockdown or quarantine, you can convert your booking into a voucher or cancel it free of charge. See also entry requirements.

Can I travel with a dog?

Yes, dogs are very welcome. We ask all dog owners to use common sense and to show consideration for the other animal roommates.

Surcharge per dog and night:


Price: 10  / Per Day / Per Accommodation


Price: 15  / Per Day / Per Accommodation

Is breakfast included in the price?

Yes. We serve your breakfast to your room. In addition to coffee, tea and cocoa, there is a selection of sausage and cheese, vegetables and fruit, spreads, jams and juice. Eggs too, of course – from our own chicken if you want to lay them. Or do you prefer vegetarian? No problem! For special requests (vegetarian, allergies, etc.) we ask for information when booking the room.

Make a selection when making a reservation:

Colorful breakfast

Price: Free

Vegetarian breakfast

Price: Free

Vegan breakfast

Price: Free

Which clothing is the right one?

Outdoor & comfortable: house slippers, garden slippers (for the smokers), clothing suitable for the weather and pajamas. Sunglasses, rainwear and sturdy shoes. Possibly swimwear to cool off in the Lainsitz.

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Can I smoke?

Yes, outdoors. Our guest rooms are non-smoking rooms. Please only smoke outdoors. Do not throw cigarette butts in the meadow, glasses with screw caps are available.

Do you have to pay a tourist tax?

Yes. A visitor’s tax of € 2.40 per person per night applies to the municipality of Bad Großpertholz. We collect the tourist tax on behalf of the municipality in cash upon arrival.

Protective measures against the coronavirus

We do everything humanly possible to minimize the risk of infection in our guest rooms and you can spend a safe holiday with us.

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Give away vouchers

You can buy and give away vouchers for most overnight stays and animal experiences. The voucher number is decisive when redeeming it. The voucher can be redeemed for 24 months from the date of purchase.

Please note that our offer is aimed at people 16+.

Vouchers such as “The Pig Weekend” can of course also be redeemed during the week and on public holidays.

Redeem vouchers

The voucher number is decisive when redeeming it. We guarantee to redeem the product at no additional cost (price adjustment) by the date valid on the voucher.

The voucher expires: We have to renew the voucher four weeks before the expiry date. Please note that this is the voucher value, not the product. If you renew your voucher, you will receive a voucher that is valid for a further twelve months.

Vouchers such as “The Pig Weekend” can of course also be redeemed during the week and on public holidays.

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is not permitted on the Edermühle site.

Parking spot

Warning: poultry roaming freely. Please use the provided tarpaulin.

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