Voucher ♥ Pet pigs: Give away a great time


Have you always wanted to experience a pig up close and also stroke it and even really cuddle it? Give away a great time.

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Have you always wanted to experience a pig up close and also stroke it and even really cuddle it?

Give away 30 minutes of intensive time with our Kune Kune

This unique dream will come true in the Edermühle! Experience the fascinating and tame Kune Kune pigs Rudi, Klara, Annabell, Rasputin, Lilli and Elli up close.

It is an incredibly touching experience when Rudi lets himself fall to the side with relish to have his pork belly massively rubbed and even let himself be driven over his impressive set of teeth.

The fact that only Rudi gets his pats is of course not possible and so you will probably quickly be prompted by the other pigs with gentle nudges to also scratch them.

Even Alfred Komarek and the ORF team were amazed at how trusting and cuddly the rare pig breed is and even the sound engineer was not spared from their cuddly attacks.

  • Duration about half an hour
  • 30 € per person / voucher valid for 2 people
  • The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase
  • A cash payment of the voucher is not possible


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