Newsletter or automatic update?

For all guests and visitors who want to stay tuned.

Our Edermühle aktuell e-mail newsletter appears three to four times a year. It is, so to speak, the messenger of the seasons and usually only contains excerpts from spring, summer, autumn and winter in the Edermühle.

Christian’s “Post aus der Edermühle” subscribers already know it: the automatic update.

With the automatic update, you will receive an email as soon as a new article has been published in our everyday stories (approx. one to three times a month). The “Post from the Edermühle” is excluded.

Who is the automatic update for?

For everyone who would like to be closer in time, we have set up this automatic update. It is suitable for anyone who does not want to find out about our news via Facebook, Twitter and Co. And for those for whom Edermühle is currently not up to date enough.

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The automatic email update

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You can unsubscribe from both types of information at any time.

As soon as you subscribe to us, you will receive an email. You have to confirm the link there, only then we will send you messages. You didn’t get a mail? If in doubt, also check your spam folder.

We look forward to informing you. See you soon by email!